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It really felt like a day out of a movie. When she came out of the doors and Corey immediately had his face in his hands and tears running down his face, we were all so in love with their love.

They were married on the lawn of the beautiful Pinecroft at Crosley Estate on a perfect sunny day. Their tented reception, just a few steps away, was nothing short of magical. They spent the entire day and night together. I know that sounds weird but there are many weddings where the couple ends up not seeing each other due to the large guest count. These two were connected at the hip. It really was incredible to watch not only their bond, but also their families bond. I remember leaving their wedding feeling inspired to be even more intentional about developing the bond between our own family. When you can do that for people by just interacting with your own family, you know you are doing something right.

Our video and photo team were on the job for Rachel and Corey's wedding! Enjoy!

Head table inspiration at natural glam wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio



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