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Katie + Cory - Featured in Inside Weddings Magazine

From beginning to end, each moment and detail were nothing short of fantastic! Cory and Katie poured their personalities into their design. The color palette was happy and bright with some softer, complimentary tones. Each space was thoughtful and inviting. The venue was grand but quaint.

Katie and Cory keep it real. At each event, the traditions were done but they were performed with lightness and laughter. They took over the dance floor and were the first ones on and the last ones off. Because of this, nearly every guest was out of their seat for the reception. These two WERE the party!

Keep that up in your marriage, guys. The ability to be laugh and keep it light will serve you in so many ways. Your wedding was incredible and it was an honor to document it all.

We are so thrilled to have Katie + Cory's wedding published in the spring 2019 edition of Inside Weddings Magazine!

Florals | Yellow Canary

Draping | Kim Fitzpatrick

Stationery | Cindy Stark Loon

Catering | Funky's

Makeup | Brideface

Hair | Nicholena Thompson

Videography | Studio Z Films


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