At a young age, she bumped into a stack of old photos… images she had never seen before of grandparents, even great-grandparents. Quickly, a love for the camera turned into a deep desire for documenting the lives of others. An old soul with a big laugh and a passion for all things chocolate and mint, meet Kortnee Kate.


An extroverted personality and passion for people make him a perfect storyteller. “You can’t help but love Ted.” That’s our catch phrase around the studio. As co-owner and first shooter, he leads the team and brings joy to the process. A gadget guy with the honorary title of best legs in high school, meet Ted.


Being born with the superpower for managing a lot at once without breaking a sweat, instantly qualifies you as an incredible studio manager. She met Kortnee Kate and Ted 11 years ago when she and her hubby came to the studio to book them for their own wedding. Ever since, they have been thick as thieves and her adorable daughter even gives out an honorary “Auntie Koko and Uncle Ted.” A self proclaimed monogram addict with a serious love for football, meet Kristen.


Boldly starting out in the photography world eight years ago, he is always up for an adventure. Being a creative extrovert with incredible people skills (like Ted)  makes him a dead ringer for a position on this team. He’s our  jack of all trades, leading  photo and video teams while also earning the title of “Mr. Fix Everything” around the studio. With a knack for fathering 8 kids while maintaining an impressive amount of facial hair, there’s nothing this guy can’t do. Meet, Sam.


After joining a team of established creators and immediately blowing expectations out of the water, he has never failed to impress. As the lead of the Kortnee Kate In Motion video and editing team, this guy continues to develop his creative skills in all things motion. Regardless of the fact that he grew up one exit away from an international airport and took his first flight last year, this guy is really going places. Meet, Kyle.

Cincinnati, OH

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