The Legacy Project

Lets all be honest, marriage can be tough. It’s  easy to have thoughts of giving up. It’s easy to sit in marital complacency and assume that’s where all married couples sit. When I hear incredible love stories of people who have successfully made the journey and are reaping unbelievable benefits because of it, I get inspired. I get excited. I get motivated and the love I have for my own husband grows. That’s where our inspiration for Legacy Project began.


We use the art of storytelling to not only bring hope to couples, but also to give a lifelong heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation… a reminder that some people really do spend their whole lives together.

Meet Bud + Rita. They have spent over 60 years together. The two videos below are small snippets of the love story they shared with us, as well as Bud’s stories from fighting as a tail gunner in WW2.

If you are interested in having your family legacies documented for all future generations, contact us for more information!

Cincinnati, OH

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